"Karen is the only recruiter I will refer my friends to. When I was considering a move from my previous firm, I felt strongly that I could only consider offices with positive cultures, and had a very specific area within corporate that I was targeting. Karen distinguished herself from other recruiters in that she not only listened to what I asked for, but she took immediate ownership of my "case." What's more, you'll find her approach to presenting potential openings is different from other recruiters in that it's more efficient and comprehensive. Karen was knowledgeable, highly responsive, and a complete joy to work with. I was shocked at what a pleasant experience Karen made of me finding what I now consider my "forever home." More importantly, the firm Karen placed me with has exceeded all of my expectations. I am excited to come to work every morning, and I know I would not have found my way here if it weren't for Karen. It's so clear to me that this job is Karen's passion, and I feel so lucky to have partnered with her. Thank you!"

Paige Smith

Stradling Yocca

"I could not have asked for a better recruiter. Karen is not only a true professional who has her finger on the pulse of the legal industry, but her supportive, warm personality was an incredible asset in helping make the stressful process of finding a new position more manageable. Karen not only helped me find a firm that is an ideal fit both in terms of culture and practice area, but she was able to assist me in relocating from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. Karen was always available and incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns and even helped me find a moving company to assist with my relocation; she goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you for everything, Karen."

Cody Schvaneveldt

Littler Mendelson P.C.


“Karen quickly found me an ideal job that was exactly what I was looking for”

April M. Wurster
Associate San Diego office of Baker & McKenzie 
“I could not have been happier working with Karen Kissinger. As a mid-level associate considering a lateral move, I was looking for a corporate position that was the perfect fit for me. I was not interested in jumping at the first opportunity that presented itself, rather I wanted to take the time to get to know the various lawyers at each firm at which I interviewed because I knew that the lawyers I would be working with are key to professional happiness. Karen Kissinger understood that immediately.  She really took the time to understand my interests and needs; she never pressured me or made me feel that I was not moving fast enough.  Karen took initiative and was always responsive; her assistance, enthusiasm and positive attitude were invaluable during the entire process. Thank you Karen!”
Jeffrey M. Wittenberg
Associate Los Angeles office of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe  
“Over the past several years, we have worked with Karen Kissinger in filling our staffing needs.  Karen has always provided honest portraits of the candidates presented to us.  She has been honest regarding their capabilities and candid regarding their backgrounds, motivation and desires.  Karen as been very responsive and answers our inquiries fully and honestly.  I have been comfortable sharing my points of view with her regarding candidates, knowing the information will not be misused. Karen is committed to providing a quality service, and I highly recommend her.”
Alan M. Jones
“Karen Kissinger is the best legal recruiter in the business.  She always went above and beyond the call of duty to help me assess my potential, establish a game plan, and achieve my career objectives.  She is truly committed to the best interests of her clients above all.  And she does it all with kindness, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor.”
Joseph Bovino
Business Affairs Group, P. A 
“I thought that the process to lateral to another firm would be time-intensive and difficult and may not even yield great results.  Karen made everything so easy and enabled me to lateral to a firm and practice group with which I am quite happy.  She quickly understood my concerns and preferences, was efficient throughout the process and was a great sounding board as I was making my decisions. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Karen Kissinger.”
 Marisa Brutoco
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, and Rosati
“I sincerely believe that Karen Kissinger is, by far, the best legal recruiter out there.  She just found me the perfect job with (for me) the perfect law firm.  She is part counselor, part best friend and 100% legal recruiter.  She wants to truly get to know you.  First, because she genuinely cares and, secondly, so that she can help you find the right place, not simply some place.  She does not try to cram square pegs into round holes.  She does not believe in that.  Instead, Karen truly believes in finding “matches.”  She listens.  She listens to you; she listens to the potential employer.  She truly gets it. She did it for me and she can do it for you.”
R. Partner in Los Angeles law firm
“Karen, thanks for making what could have been a stressful and anxiety-ridden transition into a smooth move.  I appreciate that you were responsive and kept me informed every step of the way.  Your insight into the personality of the firm was accurate and I am very pleased with how things turned out.  Thanks again.”
N. Kojima
“I could not be happier with Karen’s services. She quickly understood the type of law firm I was looking for and presented several different options for me to consider. Her advice as to each firm’s pros and cons was spot-on correct and she was honest about the opportunities each presented to me. Not only that, it was clear to me that Karen actually cared that I chose the best possible law firm for me, even if that meant less commission for her. I would highly recommend Karen to any person seeking to obtain a new position.”
Sarah Greenberg Davis
“As a first-year associate, the idea of making a lateral move was daunting. Not only did Karen get me into my top choice firm, but she also guided me through the entire process from start to finish. She is a classy lady with a rare combination — a heart of gold and the business acumen to get the deal done. She helped me get my dream job when they weren’t even looking for junior associates, let alone a first-year. I can’t sing her praises enough…THANK YOU, Karen!”
Jake Phillips
“I had the good fortune of working with Karen to locate an opportunity with a reputable labor and employment practice. As a former HR consultant, I was impressed by her evident understanding of what types of firms would be a good match with my personality and work style. I am embarassed to admit that she had to harass me multiple times concerning an interview with a firm I had ruled out because of the long commute, but her assessment was absolutely dead on target. I adored the firm and team from the moment I walked into the interview, and had an offer by the time I left. Karen’s instinct for matching attorneys and firms is extraordinary. I trust her judgment absolutely.”
April Szabo
Associate Loeb & Loeb

“Karen is absolutely great to work with.  From the first time I spoke with her, I could tell she was excited and very passionate about finding me a perfect fit.  After I explained why I was leaving my current position and what I was looking for in my next opportunity, she told me that she had the perfect firm in mind, and she was able to schedule me for an interview within a week; I ultimately ended up with that same firm.  Karen also helped me through the interview process, as well as making the transition from one firm to the next.  I would absolutely recommend Karen to anyone in search of a new professional opportunity.”
Miles Carter
Associate, JDTP

 “Karen Kissinger is an exceptional talented legal recruiter. I truly appreciate the time and effort that she invested to thoroughly understand my background, goals and concerns.  Karen has the keen ability to listen to recruits, analyze the available opportunities, and identify the perfect match.  If you want a passionate, dedicated and experienced recruiter, contact Karen!”
Tiffany N. Cruz
Associate, Littler Mendelson P.C.

“I was unhappy in my practice as a corporate associate and tried to get multiple recruiters to help me transition into litigation, which is what I felt I should have been doing from the start.  Every recruiter told me that making that transition was impossible and that I would be better off just looking for a new corporate job at another big firm.  After months of hearing the same line from nearly ten different recruiters, I lost all hope and resigned myself to searching for another corporate opportunity.  Then one day Karen called me and I told her the same story that I’d told all of the other recruiters, only to be surprised by her willingness to help me.  While she did caution me that it wouldn’t be easy, she later proved herself wrong and exceeded all of my expectations.  I told her my three personal career goals: (1) transitioning into litigation; (2) transitioning into a mid-sized firm; and (3) moving to LA.  I would have been thrilled with a transition into litigation and any one of my other two goals, but she managed to help me meet all three goals in less than two month’s time!  I could not have been happier with the fruits of her efforts, and she achieved this amazing result far faster than I hoped for.  She made me feel like I was her only client while getting me the best result I could have imagined.  I feel reinvigorated and full of optimism and primarily have Karen to thank for it.  I have since recommended her services to other friends in similar circumstances and am confident in her abilities to help them as she helped me.”
Alex Suarez
Associate, Nossaman LLP

“Karen is the ideal recruiter.  From the first time I spoke with her, Karen demonstrated a focus on the quality of opportunities she presented, and, instead of inundating me with opportunities, approached my search with precision.  Karen took the time to truly understand what I do and what I am interested in doing, and found the needle-in-a-haystack opportunity for me.  She was always accessible to answer questions, give advice, or bounce ideas off of.  I am so happy with the turn my career has taken, and grateful to Karen for her help.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”
Lutfi Kharuf
Associate, Stradling Yocca

"Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with. She knows the legal market, she knows your skill set, and will find the right position that suits you. I worked with other recruiters who called me throughout the years, but Karen is the one who will actually tailor the opportunity to your needs. Karen is an excellent recruiter, and I've already passed her information along to several other contacts. I give her my highest recommendation."

Seena Samimi

Jeffer Mangels

After practicing for 15 years, I realized I had shifted my career down a different path than I had mapped out, and I was not happy with the direction it was headed.  I wanted to maneuver back to the practice I had enjoyed earlier in my career.  I spent months looking around and speaking to other recruiters, and always found myself with opportunities in the same area I was trying to leave.  Finally I was introduced to Karen through a mutual friend.  I spoke with her for about my personal and career background, where I wanted to go with my career, and what I had to offer my prospective firm.  Within that hour-long conversation, she knew exactly where I would be a good fit and made the necessary introductions.  Long story short, less than a month later she not only got me into the practice area I was hoping to return to, but it was with a firm that was a perfect fit in so many different ways.  Karen has fantastic insight to people's needs, and knows how to meet them.  I wouldn't be here without her."
Jennifer Kalvestran

Associate, Archer Norris

“Karen went above and beyond.  She was extremely responsive, often returning calls late into the evening and on weekends.  She cared deeply about matching me with a firm that would fit my goals and never tried to push me into a particular direction.  She was genuinely committed to helping me.  I highly recommend her."

G. -Los Angeles Law Firm